Kate Rutter

About Kate

Iā€™m Kate Rutter, a junior ('19) at Staples High School. I have been playing a variety sports since I was young. I love every aspect of sports because they provide a fun and competitive environment for children to learn how to work and compete with others. I used to play softball and a soccer for Everton. I have decided to pursue basketball competitively as I realized this is the sport I most enjoy. I started playing basketball at a young age. I played wreck basketball from the ages of 8-10. i moved into travel basketball as I entered 5th grade. I played for P.A.L basketball until it ending before the high school began. I have also played with a group  of diverse players when I played  for AAU leagues from the ages of 13-15. I currently play for the Staples Varsity Girls Basketball team. I attend a variety of basketball tournaments and follow competitive basketball intensely. I play basketball all year round and attend my own private coaching on the side.  I love acting as a leader and role model to those who desire to play the sport I love so much. Basketball has taught me so much about teamwork, players diversity, player individuality and how to push yourself. I believe that I would be able to pass on the skills I have been practicing over the years to boys and girls who would like to pursue the amazing game of basketball.