Jason Katz

About Jason

Hi, I’m Jason and I’m currently a junior (‘19) at Staples High School. Although I’ve participated in numerous sports throughout my childhood, which include baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and soccer, I’ve developed a true passion for tennis, and have been playing since the age of five.

Over the years I have attended countless organizations to develop my skills as a tennis player, such as multiple Nike camps and Intensity of Norwalk, Connecticut. Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to train in a variety of locations, including Massachusetts, Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Fortunately, I was able to enhance my passion for the sport while playing for the Staples Junior Varsity team in both my freshman and sophomore years. 

Other than instructing close family members such as my younger sister, cousins, and parents, I’ve had the chance to teach kids that were merely five years old to many senior citizens as well.  

No matter the age, I am a firm believer in the fact that there is no substitute for a good beginning. Thus, as a SporTutor my goal is to inspire children to pursue their athletic desires in a relaxed and fun environment, and I believe that every child should have the opportunity to do so.