Evan Vishno

About Evan

My name is Evan Vishno and I am currently a junior (’19) at Staples High School. 

Throughout my entire life, I have developed a passion for basketball, and since sixth grade, lacrosse. Aside from the playing both basketball and lacrosse, I have played competitive soccer, tennis, and baseball. I thoroughly enjoy being able to play multiple sports, and I love working with other athletes to develop a diverse skill set to not only help become a better player, but a better overall athlete.

I have played two years of varsity basketball (starting one year), one year as the captain of JV lacrosse, and one year of freshman lacrosse during my time at Staples. I have also played 6 years of AAU basketball, primarily with the PHD program, which includes top players from around Fairfield. Up until the summer of 2016, I attended a sports camp for eight years, where I competed at a high level in lacrosse, basketball, and a variety of other sports, often against kids one to two years older than myself. I actively participate in the Service League of Boys (SLOBs) community service club, and I have contributed around 60 hours so far.

My continued passion for sports comes from my family having always valued sports. My father played competitive basketball throughout high school and was a part of the UMass-Amherst track team. He has taught me valuable lessons about sports and playing them the right way. He has encouraged my older brother (former Staples basketball captain), my younger sister, and me to participate as much as possible, all while balancing school work. 

In addition to guidance from my father and older brother, I have worked with private trainers and at clinics. I also have helped coach at multiple clinics run by the Staples basketball team for youth players. I value teaching just as much as I value learning about the game, and I hope I can share everything that I have learned while playing both lacrosse and basketball.