Max Eigen

About Max

Vice President of Philanthropy

I am a current junior (2019) at Staples High School. As VP of Philanthropy, my job is to connect tutors to work on a volunteer basis with children in communities who do not have the means to pay for private sports coaching.  I feel that all children should have the chance to be introduced to sports and trained by older more experienced tutors, who will be role models for these children for the rest of their lives.  

Throughout my whole childhood I loved to play sports, and played them all the time.  When I was younger, I played travel soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, lacrosse and i skied.  I have played both basketball and lacrosse for Staples my freshman and sophomore years.  I have a particular love for lacrosse, and I have been fortunate enough to play Varsity lacrosse at Staples both freshman and sophomore years and was named Captain of the freshman team. 

I have had lots of experience with team sports, and along with Staples Lacrosse, I play lacrosse year round on the CT Chargers.  Throughout my lacrosse career, I have played in many of the premier tournaments in the country, and have been played in showcases in front of coaches and elite college programs. 

I have been a part of two different Kool to be Kind anti-bullying mentor programs, in which I was trained to go into elementary school classes and teach lessons on empathy and how to handle tough situations.  This experience has taught me even more about how to interact with younger kids, and how to be a role model, a teacher and especially a friend.  I have also been coaching younger children in basketball and lacrosse for years and also help run lacrosse clinics in Westport as volunteering in Bridgeport. I connect our tutors with programs like these, along with tutoring kids in both basketball and lacrosse.