Cole Brockwell

About Cole

Iā€™m Cole Brockwell, a current junior (ā€™19) at Staples High School Staples High School, I love sports and what they have to offer. I realized I had a true love sports at a young age, I have been playing sports ever since I could remember and have always embraced sports with competitiveness. When it comes to organized sports I have played basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and football. Although I have a true passion for sports, two sports are more prominent. As I continue to play lacrosse and football competitively at the high school level. 

I started playing lacrosse at a competitive level at the age of 9, totaling 7 years of experience. I play lacrosse during the spring and summer seasons, during my sophomore season I was named a starter of the Staples Varsity Lacrosse team and was awarded most improved player by my coaches. I also partake in CT Chargers Lacrosse Club and attend quality lacrosse tournaments. During the fall season I play football at a highly competitive level, I started playing football when I was 6 years-old, totaling 10 years of experience. As a Sophomore I earned playing quality minutes for the Staples Varsity Football team. While in the summer I attend football camps including an annual football camp at Boston College. Along with participating in both sports I train and lift weights year-round.

I have grown up in household where sports are highly praised and my father has had a big influence on my sports career. He also attended Staples High School and attended the University of Rhode Island for football on a full scholarship and was also a captain as senior in high school and college. He is also hall famer for both his high school and college and many of the lessons I've learned have been through him. As a result of him tutoring me through my sports, I strongly value and appreciate having someone to help me with my sports life. 

Throughout my sports career I have taken leadership roles and enjoy being a role model to my teammates and to children younger than me. I also enjoy being around kids as I have babysitted my neighbors kids and have taken care of my younger cousins. I pride myself on helping the younger generation by being a SporTutor, with sports comes many important lessons and responsibilities that can not simply be taught or given to children through any other platform.