Nick Ambrose

About Nick

As a current junior ('19), member of the Staples High School Varsity Soccer team, babysitter, and big brother, I have had extensive experience with organized sports and love working with children. My father  has coached me in a variety of association sports in Westport, including basketball, baseball, and of course, soccer. As a soccer player, I have primarily played travel/premier for a variety of clubs including: Westport Travel, Everton America, Shoreline FC, Dutch Total Soccer, and NJSA of Norwalk. Additionally, I was selected as an All-Star player for the Super Y League Region 1 iD soccer camp in 2015.

As mentioned above, I am also a brother to 3 wonderful siblings - Laine (13), Kyle (11), and Ethan (10). All of them participate in high level athletics, ranging from field hockey to lacrosse to soccer. As an older brother, I believe the countless hours of playing sports together has made an enormous impact on skill development, not to mention the psychological benefits as well. It is continuously apparent to me that my siblings and I are inherently happier when playing together, which is why I truly believe that each and every child should have the right to experience a SporTutor.